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How do you rank ERP vendors Thursday 17th June 2021 How do you rank ERP vendors based on their demos? In assessing an ERP vendors is to assess their demo. Being able to see it in action is invaluable and it provides an opportunity for all your major stakeholders to see it and give their thoughts.
if you have a lot of ERP demos, it can be time-consuming. And how do you make sure you’re comparing the right features when it’s the vendor leading the charge?
Here’s how do you make most of each demo so you come away with the information you really need it is best practice to put together a demo script and supply some test dater This creates a level playing field and gives you a criterion that your team can relate to.

It is good practice to score the demo against the following, the team needs to see a list of the features and functions, how easy the system is to use and how intuitive is it, how well it fits the business needs, how flexible and adaptable the system is will it be a viable in 5,10, 15 years’ time
The vendor should be open to questions, this decision is a massive undertaking and you do not want to get it wrong.
Is it time for a permanent remote working solution Thursday 11th February 2021 Is it time for a permanent remote working solution We found ourselves suddenly working from home. An unprecedented situation, the shift to remote working wasn’t the easiest of transitions. While few envisaged the situation continuing for a prolonged period, it’s now November and we’ve been advised to resume working from home until further notice.
37% of IT leaders say that staff weren’t provided with the right tools to be able to carry out their jobs effectively when the transition to remote working was first made.
41% have admitted the remote working systems they’ve put in place may be in breach of data privacy regulations.
62% of remote workers during the pandemic have reported that they would like their employer to provide better.
It’s no surprise then that almost a fifth of UK businesses intend to implement permanent remote working following the pandemic.
While remote working has been a bumpy road for many, the potential is plain with working from home set to continue for the foreseeable, now is the time to assess your remote working solutions.
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Power of the Cloud Thursday 11th February 2021 Power of the Cloud Many costs associated with on-premises can be eliminated via migration to the cloud, while there’s potential to save money, it takes careful consideration if you really want to stretch your budget further.
many businesses have realised the advantage of the flexibility offered by a managed
cloud solution for staying secure and being able to work from home this is why businesses are turning to the cloud to cut costs and streamline operations.
Want to know more contact us Thursday 15th October 2020 Advice on distribution ERP selection Implementing or looking replacing a distribution ERP system can seem a daunting task. when to change your current system? and what features should you consider? Will disrupting current workflows be worth it?
• We can offer advice on finding the right system for your business requirements
• Tips on identifying when you need to change your distribution ERP
• Requirements of key distribution disciplines including, warehousing and inventory
For advice contact us on 0845 270 6790 Thursday 15th October 2020 What Is Demand Forecasting Demand forecasting could be the key to a business’s future. But how does it work and how could it be leveraged in a way that would be most beneficial?
Understanding what to manufacture can go beyond planning the production Demand Forecasting is important to any operation because it helps decision-makers determine the best strategy for operating the business in planning production to meet demand and sales and order procurement.
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