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ERP Business Systems

We will take the time to understand how your business works and what problems and issues need to be resolved. This might be because you have outgrown your ERP legacy system or just need to improve on your ERP process requirements. We will discuss with you where you want to be in the future and exactly what it is you need from a business system to help you get there.
Comprehensive Specification Document
We will put together a comprehensive specification document, written in plain English, which will detail all of your key requirements linked to your strategic objectives. The specification document is not a checklist. It will be written so that vendors have to explain how their ERP software, and their understanding of industry best practice, will benefit your business. Our detailed analysis of the responses to the requirements document will guide your team through the shortlisting process.

Our Specialist Knowledge & Support
Our specialist knowledge of the market place enables us to match your requirements to the most suitable ERP vendors rather than sticking to a predefined list.
We educate your team on the various choices of ERP system and vendor before sending your specification out to the market.

We provide support with the software demonstrations and proof of concept workshops. We are also on hand to help with the final contract negotiations.
Is Your ERP System in Need of a Health Check? The key objective of an ERP system is to drive up efficiencies and effectiveness in your business. It should drive business growth, business value and profitability. Ask yourself whether your ERP system is really delivering for your business on these fronts There are many, many examples of ERP failures.

Most of the headlines tend to focus on implementation project failures – eye watering budget and timescale overruns. However, a system could be implemented on time and to budget, but still be a failure. If it’s not delivering business benefit and value to your business on an ongoing basis – then it’s mis-firing or worse, failing. So many companies fail to make the most of the considerable investment they’ve made in their ERP if this is you then contact us at Innovate Consulting.